Going API- first: eCommerce Replatforming With Headless Solutions

"Are more and more customers abandoning their carts at checkout? Has your conversion rate been slumping lately?
Poor customer experience can put a significant dent in your revenues and maybe it is time to spruce up your tech stack to take customer experience where it needs to be." Fortunately, you can consider replatforming.With the shift to online shopping here to stay, customers expect exceptional experiences across channels and touchpoints, whether mobile, IoT devices, or Progressive Web Apps (PWA). However, a unified eCommerce experience is unfeasible with a disjointed legacy system. To keep up with changing customer wants, the solution lies in staying ahead of competition and expectations by incorporating the flexibility and agility of API-driven commerce (aka headless commerce). And while replatforming can be an excellent opportunity to bring in significant changes, it is a hefty undertaking and can be pretty daunting if you’re unsure where to start.But if you’re ready to consider replatforming and you’re not sure where to look, we’ve got the keys. We have a good place for you to begin from covering motivators for replatforming to its considerations and a process overview of implementing a headless solution.

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