There’s never a discussion on the cloud without touching upon its security features, which are generally perceived as inadequate. While the distributed nature of multi-cloud and hybrid deployments makes them highly available and resilient, it also takes away a good deal of control over data security from in-house IT teams. Enterprises are reluctant to have their root certificates and keys, the “Keys to their Kingdom,” taken away from them and stored in a remote cloud. Multi-cloud further exacerbates these concerns. With each cloud provider having its own set of security services and policies, it’s difficult to gain overall visibility and control from a single pane of glass. 
However, digital domination of multi-cloud, hybrid, and containers is imminent and inevitable, so enterprises need to come up with viable solutions to maneuver their PKI into the cloud. PKI needs to be scalable, agile, and resilient to support the crypto requirements of cloud-hosted and containerized applications, such as an enormous number of short-lived certificates, frequent protocol and policy upgrades, and compliance to industry regulations.

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