Highway to Hypergrowth: Is Your SaaS Growing Fast Enough?

Imagine that you’re an F1 driver at the start of the next Grand Prix. What is going on in your mind? All your attention would be on getting to the first corner before your 19 other competitors. As soon as the red lights go out, you charge into the first turn as fast as possible.

In some ways, being a founder or a CEO to a fast-growth SaaS business is like being an F1 driver. Although, there are more than just 19 competitors.
We aren’t strangers to the fact that the SaaS market is booming. According to Gartner, SaaS is the largest market segment and is forecast to grow to $117.7 billion in 2021. Across industries, there’s an irrefutable acceleration to cloud adoption, only a part of which was fueled by the pandemic. In fact, while GDPs were shrinking, enterprise SaaS was still thriving, proving that it’s recession-proof.
So how do you stand out in the increasingly competitive SaaS market? The answer is deceptively simple: you must grow faster.

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