How to Create a Job Requisition Approval Process

  • Human Resources professionals understand the importance of standardization. Formalizing and documenting is vital for end-to-end processes and all the sub-steps.

  • The job requisition process is no different. And the fact that it comes first is not insignificant. Any multi-step operation needs to start on the right foot. Otherwise, you’ll need to fix it down the line. At that point, you’ve wasted time and money

What is a Job Requisition? 

A job requisition is a formal request to fill an open position. In most companies, a hiring manager must get the job req approved before initiating the hiring process. 

If you are starting a business from scratch, it may seem unnecessary to create a process at first. You only need to fill a couple of positions, right? You’re busy getting your company going. Who has time to outline a recruitment process? 

Consider this: you hope your business grows rapidly. If you are fortunate and that happens, you aren’t going to have any more time down the road.

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