HMG Silicon Valley Summit : Alex Gay (9:59)

This interview discusses how Adobe is helping its customers drive innovation and grow their business by streamlining content workflows that improves both the customer and employee experience. By providing solutions that automate manual processes, we're enabling customers to spend more time on other areas of work that accelerate their business.

Many enterprises have reimagined and reinvented themselves to move the business forward from pre-Covid to where we are now. Often Documents and signature flows are thought of as an afterthought in the organization but they have tremendous potential for applying innovation by providing the tools needed to be more productive and improve the customer experience.

At the start of pandemic companies were focused on business continuity (keeping their head above water), but for companies who had invested in experiences for both their customers and employees – this was a business acceleration opportunity.

An Adobe/Forrester study revealed that 45% of companies who had successfully digitized their document workflows were actually winning new customers through the pandemic.

For one company, a laborious work flow was transformed by automating the contract renewal process of documents and signatures that freed up 35,000 hours for sales teams responsible for contract renewals.

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