This new role for QA coincides with new challenges in the space.

Dynamic applications entail dynamic presentation, accessibility options, variable data, and more. These features let websites adjust their content to deliver valuable personalized experiences to users -- but each new variable equals more things to test.
The customer journey now takes place across multiple devices. Customers don’t just use desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones – rather, they constantly leapfrog from one to another using the same application. Multi-device journeys now represent up to 65 percent of all online purchases.
Lastly, the DevOps movement is taking over software development. Product-centric application delivery models, which account for both Agile and DevOps, are now favored by 85 percent of companies.5  This has drastically accelerated the number of releases that need testing – and DevTestOps now means testing every single step of the pipeline.

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