How CMOs Are Proving the ROI of Marketing Automation

According to a recent survey of CMOs by Deloitte, 37.9 percent say driving growth is their number one priority. In today’s fast-changing marketplace, that isn’t easy. Fortunately, marketing automation can help — a lot. It lets you do more with less, target your campaigns, and analyze your results to continually improve.

But making a business case for marketing automation can be surprisingly hard. Nearly two-thirds of CMOs say that proving the impact of marketing on financial outcomes is their biggest communication challenge. When marketing leaders ask for an investment in automation, CEOs and CFOs ask for data, case studies, and more data.

If you’re struggling to show your C-suite executives why your team needs marketing automation, you may want to consider Marketo Engage. It helps businesses of all sizes automate and transform their marketing programs. And it’s been field-tested by thousands of businesses that have achieved exceptional ROI.

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