How Device Trust is Key to Securing Cloud Access

Device trust is the process of analyzing whether a device should be trusted and therefore is authorized to do something.
It’s critical that the devices accessing company data are trustworthy. Determining which devices should be trusted is a unique decision made by each organization depending on their risk tolerance and compliance requirements.
Different levels of trust are required for low-risk and high-risk resources. Furthermore, compliance requirements are dependent on industry regulations and types of company and customer data that the organization collects and needs to protect.
For example, healthcare professionals shouldn’t be able to access sensitive patient medical records from unmanaged, personal machines with unencrypted disks, because that violates HIPAA requirements. However, it doesn’t infringe on HIPAA requirements for healthcare professionals to access their HR benefits from their phone. Each organization has unique standards they need to enforce, but it’s difficult to maintain these standards on some devices.

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