How Marketing Accelerates
Sales in Today’s Digital Economy

The economic landscape has changed dramatically recently over the past year-plus, and this has significantly affected the way marketers engage with customers. With B2B buyers trying to find value amidst marketing noise, smart marketing teams are more closely partnering with sales to help improve their messaging to customers. This trend has only been accelerated, rather than disrupted, by the impact of the public health challenges of 2020 and 2021.
Going forward, partnerships between marketing and sales teams will continue to evolve as marketing leaders plan to invest in newer technologies while collaborating more closely with their sales organizations. SoftwareTrends recently surveyed some 1,000 marketing leaders to take the pulse of the current state of marketing and its relationship with sales. Marketers shared details around the tools, technologies, and strategies they use to support the sales organization, identify quality leads, and accelerate the process of closing deals.
The survey results show that, while marketing and sales already work closely together, today’s digital economy poses new challenges for marketing leaders, demanding that they update their approach to attract savvy B2B buyers.

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