• The technological revolution and the global pandemic have created a perfect storm for one of the biggest challenges facing merchants today: how to smash channel siloes and join operational dots to deliver seamless integration of physical and digital services in a safe and smart way. 
  • To deliver services safely, merchants rely on cybersecurity systems that can become vulnerable to data breaches if not re-evaluated periodically. Historically, however, the complexity, impact to operations, and cost of re-evaluating security systems has made merchants across most industries, particularly retail, apprehensive to do so. This report reveals that thinking has changed post COVID-19 whilst the response remains confused. Merchants experienced a surprising number of hacks and multiple breaches to systems and data despite increased investment and strong awareness. What could be the reason? Perhaps, an increasing number of merchants are struggling with the safeguard and execution of intelligent customer data and customer visibility. Or the task of implementing more advanced technology to gain that visibility is too great.


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