How to reach the interested, but annoyed digital consumer

If there’s one thing that has been well established in the mobile ad tech space, it is that the number of smartphone customers across the globe is increasing year-on-year. Part of this surge has been attributed to the pandemic, that left customers with little choice, but to turn to their smartphones for their basic needs of communication, entertainment and news. Increased content consumption led to increased exposure to ads. In the absence of ads being served to the right audience with the right intent at the right point emerged annoyed digital customers, and resultant wasted ad spends creating a unique set of challenges for marketeers. 
Interestingly, but not surprisingly, along with the increased dependency on smartphones, customers increasingly used their devices to perform a variety of tasks from learning a new skill, to grocery shopping and banking. Mobile became the answer to various fulfilments – from need gratification to brand amplification. The customer purchase journey has been redefined, perhaps forever. What we witness now is a shorter gestation period in purchase cycle, through tech-adopting customers, confident buyers and an enigmatic matrix of untapped audience.  

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