How to Win at High- Volume Retail Recruiting

Recruiting top talent is a challenge no matter where you work. It means coordinating many people and departments using a process that’s often siloed and technologically lagging. If you can take on those challenges to make a great new hire, that’s fantastic! Now, you just need to do it over and over again – and fast! That’s volume recruiting, and it’s a whole different ball game. The retail industry faces a unique challenge in their hiring and recruitment efforts that is very different from other industries.

According to LinkedIn’s 2017 Talent Turnover Report, the retail industry has the highest turnover next to the Technology industry (Source: LinkedIn Talent Blog, March 2018).
One of the biggest challenges that retail recruiters face is in the area of high-volume recruitment. It is defined a
number of different ways. For highly-specialized positions, 20 requisitions a week may be a lot. For call centers,
warehouses and the restaurant industry, high volume may mean hundreds of new hires a week. Chances are, you are filling not just single job requisitions and listings but also hiring for “evergreen jobs,” in which there are multiple
positions that correspond with the same posting. These are constantly open due to high turnover, business growth,
or a competitive talent niche you always want to hire.

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