HP Wolf Security Rebellions and Rejections Repor

During the pandemic, businesses have been forced to transform in a matter of days and have been able to do so largely using digital technologies. But what is often forgotten is that digital innovation is impossible without security.
Amid the chaos of a workforce sent home to do their jobs, a second and less remarked upon pandemic was quietly unfolding – cybercrime. Evidence of this onslaught emerged from many quarters. According to an analysis from KuppingerCole, globally in 2020, endpoints connected to the internet experienced 1.5 attacks per minute.
Security leadership has never been so important.
In this HP Wolf Security report, we gather data from a global YouGov online survey of 8,443 office workers who shifted to Working from Home (WFH) during the pandemic; a global survey of 1,100 IT decision-makers (IT teams), and analysis from leading analyst firm KuppingerCole. The report looks at the current breakdown
in the relationship between workers and security teams, highlighting the need for change.

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