An HR Leader’s Guide to More Effective Performance Reviews

Did you know that 95% of managers are dissatisfied with formal performance reviews1, and 55% of employees say annual reviews don’t improve their performance2? The truth is, reviews have become too big a burden for HR leaders, and they often produce little in the way of meaningful insights. And because managers hate the process and employees don’t see their value, as a result, performance reviews are seeing a steep and steady decline in popularity. If you’re an HR leader looking to boost engagement, retention, and bottom-line growth in your organization, now is the time to consider revamping your approach to performance reviews. In this book, we’ll help you uncover which areas of your organization’s performance review cycle need to be
updated so that you can make the right decision for your people. As you continue reading, you’ll learn:
- Insights into why traditional HR processes no longer empower the modern workforce (or your bottom line)
- How to make the performance review process more effective for both employees and managers
- The importance of training managers on the art of giving and receiving feedback
- Steps for turning employee analytics into stronger long-term engagement
By adjusting your reviews to work with your organization–not against–you’ll avoid a potential million-dollar mistake3 and help your company achieve its most audacious objectives.

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