Executive Summary

High-performance computing (HPC), once the purview of academia, is going mainstream. Often used to train AI models, these systems are in increasingly high demand due to firms’ needs for sophisticated data analysis and the data-intensive applications in AI and machine learning (ML).1 As AI and HPC use increases, IT teams will need to make a slew of important decisions, including how to make the best use of another business technology-shaping force: cloud computing. 
Dell Technologies and Intel commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the use of cloud for HPC and AI workloads. To explore this topic. Forrester conducted an online survey with 732 global IT decision makers at government, higher education, manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, and oil and gas organizations. We found that to optimize performance and ensure success, firms are deploying HPC and AI on cloud, and they have no plans to stop anytime soon.

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