working from home morphed from an option to an outright necessity for organizations around the world. An estimated 62% of employed Americans were doing their jobs remotely as of April 2, 2020—up from about 31% just two weeks earlier.1 Globally, 88% of organizations encouraged or required their employees to work from home.2 Organizations that invested in cloud-based workplace and remote access capabilities prior to 2020 adapted as best they could, but most companies weren’t fully prepared for the majority of their workforce to be working in the cloud. 
Now, in the new hyrbid work, the tools and skills gained in 2020 are evolving and being fine-tuned. IT decision-makers (ITDMs) in industries such as manufacturing, architecture, media and entertainment support users who face distinct performance challenges when working and collaborating across varying locations.. If users aren’t equipped with the right technology, they could face latency and file accessibility issues, to name a few. In light of the evolving workplace, now is the time for organizations to invest in a centralized, long-term solution that will enable their users to work productively, securely and happily—from anywhere and at any time they choose.

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