2020 was the tipping point. For the first time, IDC's security surveys showed that the amount of corporate data in the cloud surpassed the amount of corporate data on premises. Additionally, the majority of compute now lives in the cloud as 53% of workloads are found in IaaS. 
Regrettably, hackers are following the data to the cloud; over the past two years, a typical organization has experienced 2.0 cloud breaches that required "significant extra resources to rectify." 1 Much like breaches in on-premises environments, breaches in IaaS cloud environments are the result of numerous factors. The predominant factors in IaaS cloud breaches include advanced malware (17.7%), lack of sufficient security tools (17.7%), compromised credentials (14.6%), misconfiguration of IaaS environment (14.3%), unpatched vulnerability (13.9%), insider threat (13.3%), and zero-day vulnerability (8.5%). Moral of the story: As the market transitions to the cloud, hackers also moved their focus to the cloud, so we must be diligent in ensuring the security of data. 

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