Identify & Take Action on IT Risks in Business Context
Leadership and board members are now asking for improved reporting on the value of security programs, to provide them with a deeper understanding of the current risk posture of the business. These types of insights have been difficult, if not impossible, for infosec teams to provide — until now.
The Reciprocity ROAR Platform is a game-changer, introducing an entirely new approach to IT risk management. It breaks down the silos between compliance and risk and provides a real-time view of risk within the context of business activities.
The ROAR (Risk Observation, Assessment, and Remediation) Platform underpins the ZenComply and ZenRisk applications, which deliver benefits like:
Quick, guided set-up
Freedom from tedious, manual work
The ability to make strategic, risk-based decisions Staying ahead of threats with real-time risk monitoring
Download this quick-read solution brief for an overview of the new Reciprocity ROAR Platform, and ZenComply and ZenRisk applications.

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