If You’re Still Handling Your Billing Manually, This One’s For You.

"It’s a regular Tuesday morning. Or at least you think it is until you realize it’s the end of the month, and it’s time to verify and send all of your invoices for the month manually.
You grab an early lunch and brace yourself for a day-long marathon of deep-diving into the month’s billing cycles, invoice statuses, and state of subscription for each customer. You notice occasional goof-ups in the invoice amounts, and you double-check everything before finally billing the customer. Fast-forward a few quarters. You now accept more than three payment methods, including the old school cheques. You’ve added more logos to your customer portfolio, and your pricing model is evolving. The future looks bright, but it gets tougher and tougher each month to manually verify and keep track of billing and invoicing. And one day, you realize that despite all the checks, you have billed the customer double the amount than what" "was intended. Now you have a highly displeased customer and an equally frustrated accountant who has to sort out the mess. Did you find yourself nodding in agreement? Have you found yourself deep in the endless manual billing and invoicing rabbit hole? If yes, I think you’re going to like this story because: You’re not alone. (misery does love company) There’s a way out. (automation! But how and what?) Let’s see how a rapidly scaling subscription business solved this.

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