Targeting best-fit students


Initially, Pacific University was intrigued by the potential to more accurately market itself to prospective students through defined segments. “Whenever someone expresses an interest in basketball with their application and they’re in the ‘admit’ status, we can inform the coach that there’s someone new for them to talk to,” says now retired, Steve Mason, former Enterprise Systems Manager. “So we have this weekly email that goes out to the coach that says, ‘Hey, there is new interest in your program,’ and we do that for music, math, computer science, all the athletic teams, and other groups to keep them informed.” 
The communications and marketing functions of the solution grants Pacific University a competitive advantage when it comes to not only recruiting students, but also recruiting best-fit students who have a higher likelihood of succeeding at the institution. “With the legacy of our university, we have professors and faculty who want a higher caliber of students,” says Ryan Garcia, Director of Marketing and Admissions for Pacific University’s College of Business. “In turn, we target students based on specific demographics— such as if we want more students from a certain state, or whatever other criteria it might be. That ability to segment after they request information is pretty big for us too.”


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