Carbonated Soft Drinks in Independent Convenience Retail

Powered by data from Skupos’ network of over 14,000 convenience stores, we’ve taken a closer look at how Little Debbie and Hostess performed in 2020. In this sweet baked goods showdown, we deep dive into market share, pricing, and market baskets. Here is a quick snapshot of what we found: 
While Little Debbie holds an edge with slightly larger market share, we find some interesting regional opportunities for both brands when we dig deeper 
Hostess has a premium pricing strategy, with the Average Selling Price (ASP) of key products ringing up at nearly double that of Little Debbie, which presents opportunities for both brands 
Market baskets that contain a sweet baked good are 1.4× larger than the average market basket size. Both brands can use this to their advantage to gain share and increase velocity 

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