Worrisome Vulnerability Trends in the Race to Innovation

The digital world has accelerated through a transformation these past few years, but one truth remains: nobody is safe from subpar security strategies.
In our hyper-focus on the shift to the cloud and enabling hybrid workforces for success, it’s never been clearer that web application security (AppSec) needs to stay top of mind for organizations large and small. Otherwise, they risk severe consequences around customer and company data exposure.
Are severe vulnerabilities getting any scarcer? The short answer is no.
Without proper preparation, big breaches and dangerous vulner bilities continue to expose our blind spots left and right. Just look at the whirlwind impacts of Log4Shell, which blindsided businesses around the globe as they scrambled to check whether or not they were vulnerable to remote code execution (RCE) attacks in the widely-used Log4j library. We’ve all refocused on this problem, but we’re not paying close enough attention to why these vulnerabilities keep appearing, what we need to prioritize when we’re overloaded, and which tools we’re missing from our arsenal.

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