RFID technology is just the beginning. The true test of its value is found in the printers, readers, and supplies that make up your overall solution. And right from the beginning, Zebra has been on the forefront creating, testing, and implementing top performing RFID products and solutions. With more than 25 years of RFID innovation and 579 RFID technology patents so far, Zebra brings you unsurpassed performance you can count on — the greatest speed, highest read rates, and maximum unique reads. 
With the broadest RFID product portfolio, no matter what you need to implement your RFID solution, Zebra offers it. More than 200 Zebra engineers are focused full-time on RFID, designing everything from handheld, sled, and fixed readers to RFID printers, antennas, passive and active tags, hubs, exciters, and more. Each is designed to work seamlessly together to create your complete solutions, no matter how big that solution may be.

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