Local SEO in 2021 Google, The “New Homepage”

Google truly is the “new homepage”. With the rise of zero-click searches, many consumers don’t go beyond the Google search engine results pages (SERP) to find out local business information. This is why in a time when much is unknown, it’s vital that brands take control of their online presence before consumers even reach their website.

Why is Google Considered the “New Homepage”?
The idea of Google as the “new homepage” has been around for the past few years, and was popularized by local SEO expert, Mike Blumenthal. The concept of the “new homepage” is that more and more consumers are finding or interacting with your brand directly on Google and no longer need to click through to additional resources (such as your website).

In the example below, the search query is “groceries delivered to me” here we find an ad for third-party service, a list of grocery stores that deliver, other similar questions people are asking, a map of nearby stores that offer delivery, and a few links to websites with more information. Without ever having to click a link, I can find that Safeway offers delivery and that the Vons (a Safeway brand) located on Midway Dr. is close enough to deliver.

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