Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tools

Gartner defines enterprise agile planning (EAP) tools as products that enable organizations to scale their agile practices to support a holistic enterprise view. These tools act as a hub for the definition, planning and management of work. Just as agile is an evolution of development methodologies, EAP tools are an evolution of project/team-centric tools to support a business-outcome-driven approach to managing agile software development. This evolution is highlighted by the fact that several of these tools also offer project portfolio management (PPM) and strategic portfolio management (SPM) capabilities. Value stream mapping is gaining in popularity, and this is reflected in EAP vendors now supporting the convergence of functionality with value stream management platforms (VSMPs) and value stream delivery platforms (VSDPs). See our recommended reading at the end of this research for more information on these adjacent markets.

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