• Digital experience management

  • Digital Experience Management (DEM) is the foundation technology for both proactive and predictive capabilities. It enables the collection of user behavior and telemetry data along with the self-heal delivery technology. Optimizing devices based on user behavior helps identify issues that may never even make it into traditional support channels, for example: 
  •  – Blue screens: Using DEM, Kyndryl discovered that that 90,000 blue screens of death occurred within a single financial quarter at a large insurance company. This equated to 205 days of lost productivity, and none of the blue screens were ever reported to the service desk. 
  • – Network latency: With SaaS applications, latency can come from many variables including network, the internet, app configs, VPNs, and more. Kyndryl used DEM to identify a mistake in routing tables at a large micro electronics company. The error caused latency in MS Teams through sensing that the same end user would have a worse experience on laptop versus cellphone. 

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