Mapping a path to telco revenue growth

"The Big Picture
Communications service providers (CSPs) are pinning their hopes for future revenue growth not on their existing connectivity businesses, but on new B2B services that they hope to develop on top of connectivity by leveraging 5G, IoT, edge computing and AI. To understand the revenue potential of these new ICT services, it is important to understand the current financial state of CSPs’ businesses.
TM Forum conducted a two-pronged approach to this report. First, creating an up-to-date set of financial data for CSPs globally in order to compare the size and growth rates for their new lines of business and to illustrate how this data compares with growth in the traditional connectivity business (see page 4). Secondly by conducting an extensive survey"

"of 205 people working inside 82 CSPs worldwide. Respondents included C-level executives, architects and engineers in
IT and network departments, leaders of enterprise lines of business and consultants, to enable us to understand how telco leaders feel about their prospects for the future.
How Intelligent Automation is vital to the rollout of 5G
Blue Prism, Silver Sponsor at this year's TM Forum Digital Transformation World 2021, wrote an article as part of the Benchmark Report conducted by TM Forum. In this article you will discover:
The challenges associated with the rollout of 5G. How intelligent automation can assist telecommunication service providers with 5G. How intelligent automation is shaping the NOC of the future .

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