Modern Backup and Recovery

Welcome to this Gorilla Guide Express to Modern Backup and Recovery! If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re an IT practitioner or executive with a traditional backup environment in your data center. You’ve probably also been thinking about how to take advantage of current technology to improve your backup situation.
That’s smart. With the growth of public cloud, more options are available than ever; choices that you just didn’t have a decade ago. Your backup data may be mirrored offsite somewhere, costing you thousands of dollars and not providing any business advantage at all. It may be sitting in a vault under a mountain somewhere, only to be unearthed if the worst should happen. Then, if it does, you have to wait for the trucks with your tapes to arrive, and start the laborious process of rebuilding your data infrastructure.
Meanwhile, you’ve been reading or hearing about companies that have moved past that, organizations that MODERN BACKUP AND RECOVERY 5 have fast backup and—perhaps more important—fast restore. These businesses have moved ahead of yours, and you don’t want to fall any further behind

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