Data Protection Drives Resiliency

Risk mitigation is a key tenet for business continuity and resilience. While organizations typically retained their overarching modernization goals in 2020, strategies to meet those goals tended to focus more on resilience than growth: Frost & Sullivan research1 shows that the top two priorities for businesses in 2020 were improving efficiency and enabling a better customer experience. 

The changes brought forth by events in 2020 also resulted in a significant uptick in the volume and diversity of data being generated and streaming into organizations. The move to remote work meant new systems had to be in place that could accommodate thousands—even hundreds of thousands—of employees now logging in from new equipment or personal devices. In-person interactions, whether with customers or value chain partners, had to be virtualized, which required new tools, apps, and features and resulted in even more data. To capture, process, and utilize waves of new and different information, organizations turned to the cloud

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