Modernizing the Supply Chain

Faster delivery requirements. Global shortage of warehouse workers. Ever-increasing volumes. These are just a few of the challenges facing supply chain enterprises today. Sometimes it seems as though once you’ve solved one issue, another one rears its ugly head and you’re doomed to continually play catchup. According to a recent warehouse vision study conducted by Zebra Technologies, 80% of supply chain organizations are planning to invest in new technologies in order to address these challenges and be more competitive.
By modernizing the warehouse with the right solutions, they will be able to handle a greater volume of work, as the facility can now operate faster and more accurately. Advanced supply chain solutions could even attract tech-savvy millennials who view warehousing as an “old-fashioned” low-tech business. In fact, 79% of those surveyed agree that the warehouse environment will become a more desirable career because of technological transformation.
Industry leaders report that warehouse modernization is vital to transforming operations and addressing critical challenges. Listed here are the top 7 labor initiatives in order from the global respondents, each of which can be accomplished more quickly and efficiently through supply chain modernization.
1. Worker comfort and ergonomics
2. Optimizing the use of temporary/seasonal labor
3. Increasing training to retain labor and developing career paths
4. Training labor more quickly to reduce time and expense
5. Recruiting labor with more technical skill sets
6. Addressing labor shortages
7. Replacing an aging workforce

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