Executive Summary

Over the past decade, organizations have focused heavily on improving the customer experience (CX). Indeed, great strides have been made to ensure that customer-facing websites and mobile applications have been optimized, personalized, and gamified to become dynamic and responsive to meet real-world customer needs. Agencies around the world have built teams and skill sets to rapidly design, develop, and deploy ever-improved CXs. 
In parallel, technology has moved rapidly from tools to build websites (web content management) to tools for building today’s sophisticated digital experience platforms (DXPs). 
However, over that same time period the employee experience (EX) has suffered. Corporate intranets, the internal version of external customer websites, today are typically aging, underfunded, difficult to use, and poorly designed. Nobody really likes their corporate intranet, and all too often these intranets are designed to put across corporate leadership’s message rather than communicating the information that employees need and want

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