Remote Freelancing Across Industries


The most high-profile stories around the adopters of hybridwork models have, unsurprisingly, been focused on the bigtech companies. Companies like Twitter, Square, Facebook, and Shopify have generated news coverage for their more innovative policies around work in a post-pandemic world, but few have focused on businesses outside of tech. Throughout the pandemic, companies of all sizes and across many industries have faced challenges. From shifting priorities and business needs to changing budgets, many have recognized advantages of a more flexible way of working. As a result, companies even in traditional industries have turned to remote freelancers. In recognition of this change in how businesses and freelancers are connecting, Upwork today announced the launch of a new industry category, the work marketplace. To supplement this announcement, this research report uses a variety of data to show the value and the potential that remote freelancing are providing to businesses outside of the tech industry and what this means for the broader economy.

From Upwork

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