• 6 Key Components you need to know about Workforce Management for Healthcare


  • Are you tracking your healthcare employees' time or are you managing your workforce?

    We often ask prospective customers to reflect on this very important question. The former simply gets you from clock in/out to payroll, the latter consists of integrated solutions to help you maintain a productive workforce. TCP Software’s eBook, “Everything You Need to Know About Workforce Management for Healthcare” provides an in-depth examination of 6 key components of robust workforce management with specific use cases for healthcare centers."

    • Chapter 1: “Time and Attendance: The Core of Workforce Management”
    • Chapter 2: “Reduce Workforce Friction with Integrated Scheduling”
    • Chapter 3: "Leave Management Tools That Flex to Meet Your Needs"
    • Chapter 4: “Secure Your Employee Files with a Document Management Solution”
    • Chapter 5: “Gain Valuable Workforce Insight with Labor Tracking”
    • Chapter 6: "Mobile Solutions Are Essential for Today's Workforce"

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