OpenSystems Case study GateGroup

gategroup operates in a very demanding setting, namely the airline business. Please tell us a bit about the company. Garth Gray gategroup is the leading independent global provider of products, services and solutions to airline passengers. We work directly with airlines – and with their unique passengers in mind – to manage complex, high­volume operations around the world. We have 165 facilities within 126 locations in 33 countries on six continents. Our operation consists primarily of airline catering facilities, running 24 × 7. 
That sounds like a big operation. . . Michael Heuser For a typical long­haul international flight, we provision up to 200,000 items, ranging from food and equipment to passenger amenities. The Emirates A380 aircraft for example, when fully loaded to carry 489 passengers, can also carry up to 1,225 meals at a time. To serve all this food and related beverage and snack service, we’ll board 9 tons of catering equipment per flight. That’s the weight of 80 baby elephants ! 

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