People Strategies for an Uncertain Future

In early 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic shook the entire world, leading to rapid changes in our personal lives, our economies, and our businesses. These challenges were met with rapid response, accelerating the move to largescale remote workforces and thrusting organizations edging towards digital transformation fully into the online trenches. As the pandemic ebbed and flowed, Black Lives Matter reignited the call for increased workplace equity and fairness. The movement forced a rethink of how organization’s approach diversity and inclusion and produced a single rallying cry from consumers: Change needs to be made and it must be made immediately. Recent Edelman research show that 60% of people will boycott a brand if they’re not aligned to their values. The pandemic has shuttered some businesses, while causing others (such as online meeting and collaboration software companies) to thrive. If there’s anything this year has taught us, it’s that “survival of the fittest” no longer means the strongest will survive—but rather those who can adapt fastest to change.

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