Powering Robust, Real time Citizen Engagements for Government Agencies

Today, many citizen-facing agencies overcome these challenges with the Confluent event streaming platform, built upon opensource Apache Kafka. Confluent uniquely addresses the data management challenges agencies face by helping them unlock and fully leverage their data whether it is historical data, static or streaming. Clients can tap the data from their websites, mobile apps, email exchanges and other systems, combining them in new ways that offer each citizen a highly personalized and well informed experience no matter the channel of interaction.
For example, when a citizen enrolls for benefits during the annual sign up period, the system can enrich the data he or she enters on the fly. Things such as the beneficiary’s change in marital or family status, increased number of claims entered the prior year, or a decreased income level from the prior year can be used to offer tailored recommendations in real time. These data points could have been collected from the claimant themselves or from systems containing electronic health records associated with their medical care, tax returns or from telephone calls they made to a call center. Confluent can combine all these data sources and draw on them in the moment to provide the most relevant information and options to this claimant, creating greater levels of service and satisfaction.
This pattern can be applied to nearly any citizen service, becoming increasingly powerful when government agencies find the need to use the same data sources across multiple applications. Further examples include permit applications, financial aid, pensions, medical claims, assistance, immigration processing, tax filings and many more.

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