Proofpoint Information and Cloud Security Platform

Your users need secure access to the web, cloud services and private apps. This requires not just one, but a combination of solutions. This combination should include access controls, threat protection, data security, app governance and zero-trust policy controls. To secure user and data activity across endpoints these controls must be enforced by sensors across all channels. And they must be backed by a common analytics, investigation and policy-management platform.
The Proofpoint Information and Cloud Security platform fills this bill. The platform combines many of our products to address secure access, data loss prevention (DLP) and insider-risk use cases. It offers world- class threat, content and behavior detection. The platform also delivers people-centric visibility and access controls for web, cloud and private apps. It features a unified administration and response console. And it offers sophisticated analytics to simplify operations and shorten response times.
The Proofpoint Information and Cloud Security platform is powerful and cloud native. And it aligns to the industry vision of a secure service edge (SSE) architecture. (SSE applies secure access and threat protection as people access apps and data, no matter where they are or what device they are using.) Our platform is also global but it can store data locally. This means you can meet region-specific data- compliance requirements no matter where you operate.

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