Pirate, Bandit, Raider, Thief… Hacker. As the times change so does the moniker, but the underlying concept is the same. You’ve got something valuable–maybe even only to you–and you’re willing to pay money to protect it or get it back if stolen.
Early on, most hacking was done by "script kiddies" and mischievous teenagers more interested in pulling pranks or getting the recognition of their peers on a social media site. Today's hacking has gone pro. Most of it
is criminal in nature, with bad guys looking for financial gain one way or another. And one of the most common ways is ransomware, which steals and encrypts your data and asks for payment to release. It is the Internet “Wild Wild West” right now in terms of cyber crime and it’s every user’s responsibility to be aware of the dangers and to take steps to protect yourself and your company’s assets.

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