What Is 1-to-1 Personalization?

Personalization has gone beyond segmentation. 

Just because people live in the same city, work in the same industry, or are the same age or gender, it doesn’t mean they read, buy, or want the same things. 

Brand interactions should reflect each person’s individuality. But for a long time, that was a far-fetched goal. 

In recent years, though, personalization — the practice of tailoring experiences based on knowledge learned about an individual — has evolved dramatically, from targeting segments with uniform experiences (often ill-fitting for many) to truly resonating at the per-person level. 

1-to-1 personalization leverages advances in technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), to present individuals with the content, offers, and experiences that are uniquely relevant for them — wherever, whenever, and however they’re interacting with your company. 

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