Reduce OTT Churn in 4 Steps

There is never a one-stop solution for an all-encompassing issue like churn. This guide would help you tackle the different ways you can reduce churn in your OTT business.
In the last year, despite being the market leader, Netflix saw an increase in its cancellation rate from 2.3% to 2.4% in the last two years, compared to the rest of the premium streaming market, which went from 5.3% to 7% during that same time. It is indeed a considerable amount when taking into consideration their massive customer base.
The average subscriber churn in OTT has stayed around 40% during the past year. It fluctuates a few points above and below in the US, one of the biggest OTT markets.
This figure threatens to increase with every new player entering the fray with hope in their eyes on a bootstrapped OTT service.It is more important than ever to reduce OTT churn and incentivize revenue to reach positive ROI or increase the subscriber base.This guide will help you tackle precisely that. The OTT landscape is growing at a tremendous speed. The right strategies would not only help you minimize churn but also help you outwit your competition and make your mark in this crowded market.

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