RingCentral: Secure Cloud Communications and Collaboration

At RingCentral, security begins with our culture. Security and customer trust are core business values, and we build these into our services as well as invest in dedicated security As part of our organizational structure, RingCentral has a dedicated security department, with security engineering, security audit/compliance, application security, security data science, and service abuse functions that report to the company's Chief Security Officer (CSO).
In addition, RingCentral conducts employee background checks, delivers security awareness training to new hires and current employees, and requires employees to acknowledge company policies each year, including our robust security policy.
All RingCentral employees receive in-depth training on data protection and confidentiality, as well as information security. This type of security training is mandatory and occurs at least annually. All employees must acknowledge and sign a data protection and confidentiality agreement. All employees also receive a certificate of completion following training and assessment.

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