In a lot of ways, COVID-19 was a catalyst for change. For businesses, the pandemic and resulting economic shakeup dramatically accelerated many trends already in the works including work from home policies and digital-first communication with prospects and customers. Digitally-enabling the buyer's journey went from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘must have’ practically overnight. The market has changed as well. Due to economic uncertainty, B2B buying cycles are taking longer as businesses are more conscientious about spending, which requires sellers to be more persistent. These shifts in the economy and buyer behaviors force businesses to adjust their go-to-market approach to drive sales and revenue. 
One such example is the rise of the digital sales force. 
Sales organizations contending with the pandemic had to suspend in-person meetings, events, and tradeshows which were essential to building relationships and closing deals. Instead, Sales teams—and the people they sell to—are now working from home. This creates a number of challenges for organizations including enabling teams for digital selling and meeting the needs of a digital-first audience. While some organizations were ahead of the curve, now it is imperative for all businesses to operate from a digital-first mindset.

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