Reduce your Kafka TCO by 60% with a cloud-native service

  • Moving to a fully managed Kafka service removes the burden a self-managed deployment puts on your team and your business, eliminating operational effort and lowering costs so your engineering teams can quickly deliver your critical business projects. 
  • However, not all managed services are created equal. Many Kafka services call themselves “fully managed,” but the definition of fully managed often means different things. On one end of the spectrum you have a truly cloud-native experience, where product features and automation eliminate operational efforts, enabling teams to focus on their applications. This is the case with Confluent Cloud. On the other end lie offerings full of standard Kafka capabilities not available or supported by the provider, which leads to teams having to build custom code without any support. And in the middle are services that try to sell themselves as fully managed, when in fact they are actually just manual operations with some assisting tools added.

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