The Next Frontier for IT: Multi-Cloud Companies Need a New Solution Combining SD-WAN and Security Functions

When executives talk about the corporate IT network, security usually dominates the discussion. However, it’s hard to talk about security without considering networking. As a result, it’s time to break down the network and security silos. For years, industry players have called for a convergence of strategies and solutions to more tightly bind networking and security. Now, that call is being answered with a fresh and promising approach. A great leap forward from idea to reality is uniting these two IT domains in a new category of solutions called secure access service edge or SASE (pronounced “sassy”). This guide will help IT executives understand what SASE is, why it serves as the new foundation for the future, and which considerations can help them make smarter investments in this emerging market.
SD-WANs, Security and the Cloud Must Evolve in Sync
The need for network and security convergence becomes sharply apparent as IT executives face the challenges of digital transformation on a global scale and at today’s rapid pace of change. As digital transformation accelerates in enterprises, companies are adopting cloud services—often from multiple providers—to enable new projects and work-from-anywhere strategies. The ZK Research 2020 Global Cloud Forecast shows that cloud services will grow at an estimated 16% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2019 and 2025 (Exhibit 1). That is ten times the estimated 1.5% growth of traditional on-premises applications, which underscores just how fast companies are shifting to the cloud.

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