Executive Summary

The move to public cloud infrastructure has become a given for many organizations. The scalability, ubiquity and ease of consumption that cloud models offer can be a tremendous advantage. It ought to be a more secure environment for most. But the benefits can be tempered by a new set of risks that come along with the public cloud service model. While the security capabilities of most offerings are many, there is still the fundamental challenge presented by handing over responsibility to a service provider. It’s true that there is the risk of malicious insiders in any environment, but that risk looms larger when direct control has been formally handed off.
New technologies and services that have arrived under the banner of confidential computing now offer tools to address many of these issues, but they require a unified way of managing their capabilities and extending them back on premises. Moving from confidential computing technologies to a confidential cloud approach, where those data protections are integrated transparently into infrastructure, offers a way for organizations to
get the best of cloud – addressing the risks created by public cloud without changing the way they operate.

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