Setting a New Global Growth Record: How Fusion Sport accelerated their expansion, from months to days

We all know about it: Big data is transforming our lives. All kinds of information is captured and analyzed to improve our cities, banking systems, shopping experiences, and even the way we connect with others on social media.
Our bodies are big data sources too, and with the right analytics software, athletes, leagues, franchises, teams, and venues can reach higher levels of performance and enrich the fan experience.
Fusion Sport has thrived as a human performance company. They have built a cloud-based platform that acts as big data entry software that is vital for many organizations that need to increase the physical performance of their teams.
Hundreds of organizations are currently using Fusion Sport technology — from universities to football clubs and ballet schools, and even military and tactical groups worldwide. That is why the company has almost doubled their number of employees, now with 70 people in their Brisbane and New Zealand offices and 30 more scattered through the U.S., the Netherlands, and Singapore.
However, maintaining rapid growth requires new market and new talents. They identified a need for rapid global expansion. But after spending triple the anticipated time on opening a local entity in the Netherlands, they learned that there is a better way to get started in a new country fast: use a global employment platform like Globalization Partners.

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