State of Email 2022: Mastering the New Email Landscape

Reach peak email performance in 2022.
Validity’s State of Email 2022 report is here—and you won’t find these insights anywhere else.
Packed with expert tips, jaw-dropping stats, and data-driven forecasts for 2022, this report is your secret weapon to mastering email in 2022.
Key findings include:
Unforeseen consequences of MPP and what to expect as adoption increases.
The #1 sender mistake in 2021 that sent complaint/unsubscribe rates skyrocketing. Fresh data revealing worrying spam trap behavior, and tips to respond.
Expert insights to boost email engagement, deliverability, and sender reputation in 2022.
The report draws from Validity’s network of over 2.5 billion inboxes—the largest email data network in the industry.

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