Successful Microsoft Azure Migration with Quest® Data Empowerment Tools

We’re going to the cloud,” says your CIO. “Get ready to start migrating our on-premises legacy databases to Microsoft Azure SQL Database. And make sure the migration doesn’t affect system performance or our service levels.
That’s a sign that your organization is taking digital transformation and business agility seriously. And you knew it was coming: cloud migration of traditional, relational, operational databases is the part of digital transformation that hits closest to home for most database administrators. But where will you start? Assuming you know where your on-premises databases are and you know where to find Microsoft Azure SQL Database, how will you move one to the other without breaking things in the process?
What if there was a model for methodically approaching migration of even your most entrenched relational databases to Microsoft Azure SQL Database? Better yet, what if there were tools to help you during each step in that migration?
The data empowerment of the organization is that model, and the software solutions from Quest® are those
This paper will guide DBAs, infrastructure admins, IT managers, IT security admins and IT directors along the path of migrating databases to Microsoft Azure SQL Database. It breaks the process into three phases— planning, migration and maintenance—and explores the logical steps in each phase. IT professionals will see how to smoothly navigate each phase and use Quest products to reduce the risks to system performance and service levels, from start to finish.

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