Executive Summary

Each day, cybersecurity professionals around the world face a fresh stream of vulnerabilities that could place their organizations at risk. The scale and scope of the challenge are staggering — particularly in light of the ever-expanding attack surface of IT, operational technology (OT), and internet of things (IoT) devices — and the rush to prioritize and remediate the next new threat leaves little time for reflection. Remediation needs to be handled with a risk-based approach, with a clear understanding of the impact patching will have on business operations, before deploying to a live environment. This is no small task for an organization of any size and can be especially difficult for those with large and diverse environments.
Pausing for a retrospective may feel like a luxury few can spare the time for. Yet, as we prepare to face the new cybersecurity challenges looming in 2021, we believe taking the time for a look back can provide valuable lessons and important context to help cybersecurity professionals identify gaps in their practices and refine their strategies with an eye toward improving their risk-based approach to vulnerability management.

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