The 5 Minute Guide to Email Deliverability

"You build a solid list, craft a killer email, and hit send—but then what happens?
One in six emails fails to reach the inbox . Worse still, many senders are too focused on surface-level metrics (like clicks and opens) to notice.
To prevent the time and resources spent on email from going down the drain, senders must proactively monitor email deliverability.
Luckily, better deliverability is just five minutes away. Read The 5 Minute Guide to Email Deliverability for details on:"
"The difference between the “delivered rate” given by your email service provider and true deliverability.
Which email performance metrics to track (and which to retire) in 2022. How to respond as external forces like Apple’s MPP make deliverability more challenging, Ten foolproof steps to improve your email deliverability, starting today.
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